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  • Festivals In Northeast Thailand 2010

    New Years Day - January 1, (Nationwide) celebrated throughout the kingdom.

    Magha Puja Day - Feb 19, (Nationwide) is a Buddhist holy day that is honored country-wide.

    Songkran Festival - around April 12-15, (Nationwide) this festival celebrates the Thai New Year, includes various religious activities and lasts for several days. Also during this time the whole city takes time off to stand in the streets to throw water and powder on passerbys.

    Phra That Kham Kaen Religious Festival - In April during the full moon, (Amphoe Nam Pong) people travel from afar to pay their respects. This festival includes cultural performances and local music.

    Dok Khoon Siang Khaen Flower Festival - April 13, (Khon Kaen) this yearly festival is held for seven days at Bung Kaen Nakhon featuring Issan music and entertainment.

    Bun Bangfai Rocket Festival - May, (Yasothon) to ensure plenty of rain during the upcoming rice planting season, rockets made out of bamboo and gunpowder are sent skyward to the applause of the crowd.

    Visakha Puja - May, (Nationwide) this religious holiday is the holiest of all in Thailand marking the birth and enlightenment of Buddha.

    Phii Ta Khon Festival - June, (Loei) this Buddhist holiday commemorates Prince Vessadorn and the spirits who accompanied his incarnation.

    Candle Festival - July, (Ubon Ratchathani) beeswax candles are taken to the temples to celebrate the monks entering the Buddhist Rains Retreat (Khao Phansa). Asalha Puja - July, (Nationwide) - commemorates Buddha's first sermon after enlightment. Khao Phansa Day - July, (Nationwide) - on this day the monks enter the temple and do not leave for three months.

    The Royal Birthday Anniversary of H.M. the Queen - August 12, (Nationwide) buildings are adorned in many fascinating combinations of light to celebrate this birthday.

    Wax Castle and Boat Racing Festival - October, (Sakhon Nakhon) rainy season is officially over and the villagers celebrate by carving intricate beeswax models of miniature Buddhist temples and shrines, and after merit making the annual regatta begins. Ban Chiang Civilization Festival (5000 years) - October, (Udon Thani) is an academic and cultural festival that celebrates the Bronze Age of Ban Chiang.

    Phimai Long Boat Races and Festival - November, (Khorat)performances of local music, consumption of food, bartering for local products and long boat races are the highlights. Surin Elephant Round Up - November, (Surin) come and see the elephant hunt, tug-of-war, the parade and much more. Loi Kratong - November, (Nationwide) this is the time to make merit by floating a banana leaf boat with a candle that is brightly light. Fireworks and music follow.

    Silk Fair - Last week of November - 1st week of December, (Khon Kaen) this festival lasts for around 12 days with various vendors selling their wares, not only limited to silk. It is held in front of City Hall and the surrounding area are blocked off for pedestrian traffic only. Entertainment, food, and drinks are easily available. The Royal Birthday Anniversary of H.M. the King - December 5, (Nationwide) the Thai People have great respect for their King and on this day the buildings throughout the land are lavishly decorated with lights, with celebrations throughout the kingdom.